Granite 999 Fine Art Reproductions

Kathy (Johnston) English

Raised in southern New Jersey, Kathy was never at a loss for scenery to paint. Salt marshes, old buildings, fishing boats and historical sites were among her favorite subjects. In 1986 Kathy began scuba diving and now concentrates on aquatic subjects for her latest watercolor series.

The "Castillos de Animales" series was inspired by a dream I had shortly after my father passed away after a long illness. In the dream, at age 13, laying in the sunshine warmed grass, I slept. Hearing a quiet sound in the grass to my left, half awake and blurry eyed, I squinted to focus and saw a box turtle moving slowly, carefully to meet his destination. Upon his back was a slippery snail trying to balance a bird on his shell. On top of the bird was a frog and butterfly. Waking, sketching and developing ideas in my mind, a new series was born.

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